dining room scene overlooking garden in charlestown, cornwall


Welcome to Bimble and Wander, your gateway to captivating property and interior photography.

At Bimble and Wander, we don't just capture spaces; we craft stories that evoke emotions and forge connections to the essence of your home, holiday let, or property for sale.

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Increased Bookings:

Our immersive imagery unlocks the door to success, with many clients experiencing a remarkable 15-30% upswing in bookings. The captivating visuals draw in potential guests or buyers, leaving a lasting impression that sets your property apart from the rest.

Elevated Appeal:

As our journey weaves its magic, your property takes on an irresistible allure. Guests or buyers are enthralled by the stunning visuals, making it impossible to resist experiencing the space firsthand.

Endless Discovery:

With each image, we paint a story that beckons exploration. Our photography ignites curiosity, inspiring visitors to delve deeper into your property's offerings, amenities, and hidden gems.

Client Confidence:

A picture is worth a thousand words, and our imagery instils confidence in your property. Prospective guests or buyers trust what they see, forging a strong connection that assures them they've found their perfect destination or dream home.

Kind words

'Great professional service from Stuart. We can recommend Bimble & Wander for really top rate ideas and added value from a brochure or portfolio aspect. Good value for money all round.'

Peter- Vicarage

Time On Site:

Embark on a delightful adventure at your property, where our photography expertise comes to life. We meticulously craft every shot to capture the essence of your space, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.

Mixing Wide & Detail:

Our journey entails a seamless blend of photography styles. We navigate through different angles and perspectives, from wide shots that embrace the entire scene to intricate detail shots that showcase the unique charm of your property.

Fast Website Loading & High Viewer Retention:

As seasoned travellers of the digital landscape, we ensure that your imagery is optimised for a swift and smooth journey on your website. With our expertise, your visitors won't be kept waiting, ensuring high viewer retention and an unforgettable browsing experience